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Working with a professional you trust is key
to developing an investment plan that can
maximize your potential.

Set your future in motion.

Welcome to the Agentus Group

Welcome to the Agentus Group and Manulife Wealth Inc.

Feel safe knowing your future is in good hands

It only takes a little commitment and discipline to grow your wealth. To ensure your family’s security and your own. To worry less, and enjoy more.
We can help you achieve your dreams, and the ones you didn’t even know you had. Are you ready to set your future in motion? We are.

Trusted Experience

The Agentus Group offers you a diverse range of investment solutions. We work personally with you to ensure a focus on your specific needs and are committed to helping you set your future in motion.

 Learn more about Judie and meet the team.

Building Wealth

Learn more about the many services we offer, tailored to you and your specific needs. Our personalized offerings include stocks, bonds, group RRSPs, pension plans, mutual funds, and specialty investment products. We will work together to create the best plan for you.

 Find out more.

Committed to Community

We are dedicated to our community and helping those within it. The Agentus Group is proudly located in Tillsonburg and strives to offer the best solutions to our clients. It is an honour to work in the town where we grew up and to serve the area that we know so well. 

Find out how we can serve you.